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Family Law in Orange County
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FATHERS HAVE RIGHTS after parents separate.

Fathers who win custody all have a common thread... they prepared for the uphill battle in the mother-biased family law courts.

The book "Custody for Fathers" prepares litigating fathers for court by teaching them the secret strategies and tactics used by other winning fathers.

With this book and the Orange County (CA) Law Offices of Michael Brennan, divorced and divorcing Fathers learn how to:

  • Testify in court effectively and convincingly
  • Blunt cross-examination attacks skillfully
  • Communicate and behave in Mediation
  • Use non-verbal body language
  • Deal with a difficult judge
  • Counter Mom's dirty tricks
  • Master legal terms and phrases
  • Document events accurately
  • Use court time wisely
  • Execute winning strategies
  • Resolve issues without conflict
  • Overcome court intimidation
  • Build confidence and composure
  • Handle setbacks and adversity
  • And Much More...

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